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Meet Our Current Undergraduate and High School Students

Meet Our Alumni Undergraduate and High School Students

James Hao posing for his axe bullseye

James Hao

James is a rising junior attending the University of Kentucky. At the university, he is studying neuroscience. He is currently studying the effects of age on forelimb motor function after stroke in mice. One interesting fact is that James knows how to play the trumpet.

Dashiell Leigh posing in front of his axe bullseye

Dashiell Leigh

Dash is a high school student at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy. In the summer of 2023, he worked with Daimen Britsch on the effect of hypoxia and exercise treatment on rat recovery from spinal cord injury, as well as clerical work for the lab protocol book and website. He has been to 46 states in the US, but has tragically never left the country.